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Grow People, Grow Results

A Peer Leadership Development Program to equip and support leaders in their workplace,
for better business results.

Do your leaders struggle with helpful communication, consistently hitting targets, or effectively managing people?

Most leaders quietly struggle because they've never been intentionally invested in. Many get promoted to a leadership role because they're "good" operationally. But often they haven't been equipped to win. And yet, every leader wants to thrive and succeed at work!

With proven, practical training we help grow your leaders, so you get better business results. In doing so, you create a sustainable edge with better staff attraction, retention and team productivity.

Darren Bosch


Business Benefits

do more good

Your staff want your "why".
When they get purpose, clarity and support, they're empowered to "win" - while you enrich lives lives for more good to happen.


+ Training: equipping & clarity
+ Tools: practical actions steps
+ Support: empowering staff
= more capacity, less stress


Become a magnet for great staff.
Highly engaged workforce improves recruiting +35% by leveraging their advocacy and creating an authentic culture that inspires others.


Great leaders have less waste and rework, thereby producing more.
In turn you grow better client experience and profit...right through to company value.


Easier communicate a compelling value invitation, because you deliver a better customer experience from great people.

open up possibilities

When you people are clear, equipped and supported, they become highly engaged which increases capacity for more growth in your teams and business.

How We Do This

No textbook theories. In-the-trenches learning, real-life experience.

Bite-sized weekly learning is supported with helpful tools for practice, follow-through and group support.


No pre-recorded videos. Live with accountability and support from mentors and peers.


Leadership growth is focused on producing fruit - personally and professionally - so that leaders can get growing!

Development Program

We offer this program in-person in Ontario.

* All leaders must complete year 1 before taking year 2

4 (Quarterly) Training Sessions, reinforced with an additional 4 Support & Practice Sessions.
The focus of Year 1 is growing leadership skills to deliberately lead yourself well.



  • Leading Crucial Conversations

  • My Communication Style



  • Gaining Clarity & Understanding

  • Communication Framework

  • Operating with less Stress & Overwhelm

Quarter 3

Personal Leadership

  • Leading intentionally from Personal Values

  • Alignment with Company Values

  • Personal Integrity

Quarter 4

Personal Leadership

  • Growth Mindset & Self-Awareness

  • Planning / Scheduling Priorities

4 (Quarterly) Training Sessions, reinforced with an additional 4 Support & Practice Sessions.
The focus of Year 2 is growing leadership skills to lead People & Teams effectively.


Leading People / Teams

  • Wholehearted Teams

  • Keys to High Performance

  • Building Trust

Quarter 2

Leading People / Teams

  • The Power of Vulnerability

  • 5 Growth Shifts for Effective Teams

Quarter 3

Leading People / Teams

  • Wholehearted Team Player

  • The Art of Delegation

  • Staff Reviews & Development

Quarter 4

Personal Leadership

  • Effective Meeting

  • Staff Coaching & Feedback

What's Included

Grow your leaders by design, not default.
4 Live Training Sessions

Full-day, in-person with live Trainer and Peers each Quarter. No pre-recorded videos!  (meals included)


1/2-Day Sessions to reinforce learning from the Training Sessions in that Quarter.

Reinforcement Tools

Participants receive a Manual that covers the curriculum, wiht key learnings Tools.

Business Leader Support

Regular reports and insight on participant learning and engagement to ensure team retention, progress and support.

Support & ACTION Groups

Connect with like-minded leaders in other companies facing similar issues. Peer support enables accountability, and growth in leaders' learning.

Leadership TOOLS AcCess.

The Leadership Team Training Community has many members from other companies. This is a wealth of knowledge ready for your leaders to tap into.

Your Trainer

Darren Bosch

Business Leadership Coach & Trainer

Darren is a Certified Leadership Coach equipping leaders to accelerate organizational performance by aligning people, purpose, and direction. In doing so, they build flourishing workplaces where people thrive, creating competitive advantage through their teams.

He equips leaders in expanding their toolkits emphasizing awareness, mind-set, and personal leadership as foundational to championing high-performance teams.

As an experienced business leader, consultant, and trainer, he specializes in leadership development to build thriving teams. But ultimately, it’s his gift for growing organizations’ people, processes, and profit where he brings proven results and practical experience.


Pete Kuehni

Business Leadership Coach & Trainer

Pete Kuehni masterfully facilitates change as he invites people into a different, more purposeful way of living.

As a business owner, combined with years of leadership experience, Pete personally knows the challenges facing business leaders and their teams.

He has trained and coached executives and managers in leading companies across North America globally.

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"With the Leadership Team Training Peer Group, we are already seeing our team & culture improving in a few short months.
They're learning better ways to communicate, and it supports what we're all trying to do together!"
Business Owner, Flora Pack
"Other companies we've brought in only seemed to be about profit and productivity. This has helped me better communicate and be more organized, resulting in crews who are more engaged and better cared for. It's producing results!"
Supervisor, AKS Interior Systems
"This has not only helped me personally grow, but now we have tools for hitting targets, and a framework that provides clarity at all times while growing culture and people. Sharing and learning with other peers has been the missing ingredient."
GM, AKS Interior Systems
Per Person

Your Investment

This Program is eligible for Canadian Provincial Job Grant which can cover up to 83% of the cost
Click here to learn more

per person, per month

4, in-Person, full-day Training Sessions (quarterly)

4, in-Person, 1/2 day Support Sessions (quarterly)

Learning Reinforcement Tools

Regular Business Leader Support

$100/mth with Grant support
($600/mth without Grant)

per person, per month

24 Live Online Training Sessions

Twice Monthly Coach Office Hours

Learning Reinforcement Tools

Owner/GM Support Package

$55/mth with Grant support
($325/mth without Grant)

Federal-Provincial Job Grants

Grant Application Support

Our program is eligible for the COJG grant which can cover up to 83% of the fee.
Here's a few resources to get you started on your Application.



Canada Ontario Job Grant Employer Application Form for employee training.


Estimate the amount of funding you can get if you apply and are accepted.


We have created this Guide to help and support your Application.


If you would like further help, please email



We help business leaders increase both their acumen and capacity to grow in their workplace by growing their people.

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